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By | February 28, 2019

USPS LiteBlue

LiteBlue is an online social service for the USPS employees. This service is useful for the USPS employees to know about the employment information such as paystub, benefits and schedules. LiteBlue is a login portal where the employees don’t require any uncommon enrollment, all you just need is employee id and password. Every employee of the LiteBlue associated with the postal service of United States which are provided with the employee ID.

About USPS LiteBlue

  • LiteBlue is the online service portal for the USPS employees. LiteBlue serves as a single authority for managing employee details of the USPS.
  • This LiteBlue portal has made the communication faster and also the connection between the networks sustain flawlessly.
  • This organization is operational pan America and has more than 500,000 employees.
  • There are about 336 million visitors on the USPS LiteBlue tracking website.
  • USPS Employees can now access conveniently a wide variety of permanent health and wellness, life along with work selections.
  • Employee ID: The first thing you need to bring this plan to fruition is the Employee ID which you get when you join the organization. This ID will be your username for the LiteBlue Login If you don’t have any idea as to where you can find it, then just open your payment statement and look for it on the top. It will be the 8 digit number with Employee ID written beneath it.
  • Password: Now, this is the second thing that you need the most and equally important as the username. It is required for creating your Self Service Profile. The thing is that this password will also work on other USPS self service websites apart from the LiteBlue Login You can get the password from your HR team and it will be a temporary one. You can change it whenever you want.

Requirements for Login

Here are the requirements to join the login portal of LiteBlue and they are:

  • You must have a device such as smartphone, PC or tablet.
  • Your device must have good internet connection working in it.
  • You must have an employee ID and password of USPS.

Step-by-step Login to Usps LiteBlue Portal

If you have all the above required you can login to the LiteBlue portal. Here are the steps to login to the LiteBlue portal:

  • Initially,open the web browser on your device and enter to the official website of LiteBlue portal here. You will have to access the LiteBlue Login website so as to enter the portal.
  • Visit LiteBlue Website 
  • Once you reach the website, you will see that there is some description given regarding the use of the portal. Right below the description, there is the login section. Click on the login button.
  • Then you will see two blanks where you will have to fill in your Employee ID and your USPS Password.
  • Your Employee ID is your unique identification number that you can also find on your salary script or identity card as well.
  • However, The password is the USPS confidential entry code that you will have been provided by your team supervisor in charge. If you have changed your password then you should provide the latest one to enter the system.
  • Simply enter your credentials into the blanks and then click on the login button.
  • Finally, you will enter your account for accessing all the viable resources and information relating to the services

Recover forget password for usps Liteblue

If you forget your password while logging into the LiteBlue portal, here are the steps to recover the password:

  • Go the web browser on your device and open the official website of LiteBlue portal or you can go to link and click the on the Forget Your Password button on the web page which is present below the login button. This will redirect you to the another website.
  • Enter your employee ID in the ‘Employee ID’ field and then click the button Verify Employee ID. This will verify your employee id.
  • If your employee id is correct you will find some options on the screen, follow the simple onscreen prompts to change or reset your LiteBlue USPS Login password

Features of LiteBlue Login Portal

If you login to the LiteBlue portal, you can enjoy the following features and they are:

  • The LiteBlue service is a web portal which the employees of the United States Postal Services can access to manage their work, recognition, products and revenue relating details directly.
  • This portal simply manages the services and details of the personal directories of the employees.
  • They will share the details regarding specific projects to meet the customer’s needs in time.
  • This portal has easy access for all the users to get an information regarding mail orders and job tracking.
  • It also applicable to some specific business functionalities like PostalOne.
  • Secure login and access to the employees portal for management of their accounts and functions in it.
  • It offers automatic schedule processing for shipment and mailing address to the destinations.
  • Extended record system management via the directory for future use and records.
  • Other portals work in sync with the main services like LiteBlue USPS EPayroll, USPS Track, PostalEASE, Business Customer Gateway, and the official website.
  • There is ease of flow of data and request according to hierarchy levels.

Benefits of LiteBlue Login Portal

Here are some of the benefits of the LiteBlue portal are:

  • LiteBlue has a benefit for employees to update their contact details. The employees can easily update their contact details with the help of the LiteBlue employee login portal.
  • Each and every employee has a different schedule and they can check their allotted schedule and can concentrate on respective work using the LiteBlue portal.
  • The best benefit of this portal is using the LiteBlue employee portal, they can also request to change the work schedule.
  • LiteBlue allows you to know about the revenue you generate while being an employee of United States Postal Service.
  • Along with the other benefits of the LiteBlue portal, the employees get the LiteBlue Login Portal Ease which is considered to be another self-service application which profoundly helps to manage the benefits.


Apart from these main features, an employee can also opt for other job opportunities offered by USPS or visit They can choose to opt for the LiteBlue login Epayroll which ensures that your payment statements are delivered to you automatically in a way that you choose.

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