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By | February 25, 2019

Savers is a second hand resale store that offers at a very cheap price. It is a store which sells second hand items such as furniture, jewelry, footwear and other things. Savers has started a customer satisfaction survey where the customers can share their experience about their recent visit to the store. is the customer satisfaction survey of savers, it will ask about some questions about the store. Answer the questions genuinely so that you can win exciting rewards from the saverslistens store.


  • Savers is a popular store chain that offers a good second hand shopping experience.
  • The store does not only sell all sort of clothes but also seasonal goods, furniture, and other household items that are reasonably priced.
  • Headquarters of savers is located in Bellevue, WA.
  • The company was wide spread to more than 300 locations throughout the United States, Canada and even in Australia.
  • Some of the states in Pacific North West pf United States calls the savers store has Value village.
  • The company receives donations from patrons and trade-ins, but it also receives some of its merchandise by buying from non-profit organizations.

Requirements to participate in the survey:

Here are some of the requirements to take part in the survey:

  • You must have a device such as smartphone or PC.
  • Your device must have good internet connection running in it.
  • Should have some knowledge on English language.
  • You must purchase and receive a purchase receipt containing a survey invitation lately to enter the online survey or have a Donor Invitation Card.
  • You must complete the survey within 7 days of your visit.

Steps to take part in the customer satisfaction survey:

Here are the steps to take part in the customer satisfaction survey of savers listens:

  • To take part in the survey, you must have recent receipt of the savers store.
  • Initially, go to the official website of the savers listens.
  • Read the instructions or official rules pf the store carefully.
  • Choose the language which you prefer but mainly you must understand the English language.
  • Then you have to enter the survey number which is present on your receipt.
  • You have to rate their quality from highly satisfied to Highly dissatisfied based on your recent visit to the store.
  • Rate the interior quality of products and environment which you experienced, cleanliness, even the behavior of staff members. You can also mention the issues or problems that you have faced during buying or purchasing any kind of stuff.
  • Answer all the questions honestly and give true opinions.
  • To get rewards from the store input the valid email for receiving the validation code.
  • Note the validation code that you have received.
  • This completes the customer satisfaction survey of the savers store, bring the receipt along with you on your next visit to win the reward from the store.

Why to take part the survey:

If you are eligible to take part in the customer satisfaction survey of the savers store, then you can follow the below instructions and take part in the survey:

  • The customer satisfaction survey is conducted to know about the customer experience in their store.
  • Almost all brands and stores from where you buy groceries, clothes or enjoy delicious food they want to know your experience and quality of product.
  • You have to share your experience and feedback through the survey that are available on the official link and that link along with the additional information.
  • In this survey, you can share your type of satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the store.
  • As the company is growing more and more. Already it has been holding the good reputation for the items, it wants to improve more.
  • The companies use the positive feedback as an appreciation. They totally work on the negative feedback and make their service and products meet customer expectations and don’t get the negative feedback again.
  • For company betterment, the company takes the feedback from the customers to know the customer opinions.
  • So savers has launched a web portal to collect the feedback from the customers online. The web portal is named as and also they improve their platform depending on the feedback.

Rules of saverslistens customer satisfaction survey:

In order to take part in the survey, you must follow some rules and they are:

  • To take part in the survey the store receipt is necessary.
  • You must buy any item or donate money in the savers store to participate in the survey.
  • Only one person per house is allowed to take part in the survey in one month.
  • The participants of the saverslistens cannot use this coupon in the other store or for the another rewards.
  • You must take part in the survey within 7 days of the purchase of item in the store.
  • The employees or staff members cannot take part in the survey.
  • The age of the participant should be more than 18 years.


The customers who take part in the satisfaction survey of the savers store can win the exciting rewards, the only thing you have to do is answer all the questions genuinely. By taking your feedback the management team can improve their store and you can win rewards. The store gives discount of $2 if you purchase the items of worth $5 customer care:

If you have any trouble while taking the customer satisfaction survey or any queries you can contact the customer care of the savers store. You can call to the toll free number +44 20 8698 8579 and clarify your queries or any trouble while taking part in the survey.


Savers Customer Satisfaction Survey at  is the place where customers can say it all about their shopping experience at Savers. This is where the management of the company will analyze your feedback and use it for improving their services. Furthermore, your honest feedback will make the company more prominent by serving you better. Visit the survey link, enter the required details, answer the questions as per your experience at Savers and get a chance to win a surprise gift.

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